My name is Gerald Wykes and I have been in the field of Interpretation for over 30 years – as a front line interpreter, exhibit preparator, & director of a museum/nature center. In short, I’d like to offer my well-honed Interpretive skills to your students, fellow educators, or anyone looking for a new insight into history and nature. What is Interpretation you might ask? A while ago some might have called me a Naturalist or Environmental Educator but there is so much more to it. By definition an Interpreter interprets the language of nature and the voices of history and puts them into stories that are fun and easy to understand.  My voices come from the Great Lakes region and they are served off an entertaining tongue.



Gerry Wykes in costume

I guess you could call me a raconteur who blends educational tools such as art, science, music, and group management skills into engaging and educational programs. That is quite a mouthful, but it might encourage you to view some of my offerings and see what Once Upon a Michigan is all about. Whatever you call me, call me and see how I can enhance your educational needs.

Educators, day camps, civic and social groups, and even block parties have tapped me as a resource and (this is the good part) have tapped me to come back again and again.

Most educators know the cost of getting buses for field trips is prohibitive. Classroom teachers often have little time to go beyond MEAP requirements or find creative ways to get around strict benchmarks. Group leaders know that getting quality presenters for that regional meeting or banquet can be a challenge. I offer Quality that comes to you at a realistic price. Hey, I also clean up after myself!


My Naturespeak blog is a view of the world from a peculiar place – inside the mind of a naturalist/interpreter. By describing what an Interpreter does, I am warning you about the kind of things you can expect here. I’ll bring you insights into the big picture, the little picture and the offbeat with an emphasis on the natural world. I will strive to provide you with “stories that are fun and easy to understand” and look forward to exchanging comments with my readers.


About Me

Before I am accused of not really saying anything biographical here, let me state that I live in Monroe, Michigan with my beautiful wife Debbie. Our three children, Geoff, Jim & Katelyn have all flown the coop. I have long professional experience in the field, but I won’t ask you to take that as the sole basis of my worthiness.  I am always working to improve and refine my skills and knowledge base.  I can ask you, however, to learn a few things, laugh a few times and to gain a full appreciation of the natural/ cultural world and will suggest that you can do that by reading Naturespeak and/or signing me up for a presentation.


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