I offer several types of presentations from story-centric to presentation topics.

There is always an opportunity to customize presentations based on a certain need or field of study (such as the Civil War, Michigan Week, Halloween Traditions, etc.).

Most programs are about one-hour in length, although the craft programs usually require a longer time or multiple visits.  I do understand your time constraints and offer flexibility in this regard. Any of these set programs can be tailored to fit whatever window of opportunity you have (“the gym is set up for lunch at 10:45 and we need to be out of there by …”).

The descriptions include a suggested school grade/age range but many can be adapted to fit the need (within limits – werewolf stories are a bit much to expect pre-schoolers to handle!). This is where we need to do some talking first.

PROGRAM PICS                                                                                                                    

June 2013 “Home Sweet Habitat” program for Raisinville Elementary 1st graders (three classes). It was the last week of school but learning was still going on!


May 2013 Earth Day at Ritter Elementary – an evening program for school families.