Nature Spoken Here

Marsh Menagerie: Life of the Coastal Wetlands                                                              

Much of the value of Michigan’s Great Lakes lie in the wetlands that edge her coasts—especially the coastal marshes of Lake St. Clair, the Detroit River, and Western Lake Erie.

Discover some of the fascinating plants & animals that inhabit these marshes such as frogs, mink, muskrat, herons, and the incredible edible cat-tail. Live animals, props, and specimens bring the marsh into your classroom without making too much of a mess.

Pre-school suitable and adaptable for elementary levels.

Nature’s Calendar: What’s Going on this Time of Year                                                  

Nature always has something to offer. Every season presents a unique ecological picture as plants bud, bloom and fruit and animals burrow, hibernate, migrate, or bury nuts in your yard.

Consider this an outside nature walk brought indoors and seasonal plants, pods, leaves, critters and other animals are presented (a few of them will actually be alive).

Pre-school suitable and adaptable for all elementary levels.