Grabbing History by the Tale

The Werewolves of DeTroit (traditional folktales of the Regional French)                 

The local French brought many of their ancient traditions to the New World and populated this place with the likes of Lou Garou, the werewolf, Le Lutin -the horse-rider, and the terrifying Helene -the Feu Follet. “Real” Great Lakes region stories told by a “real” French raconteur.
Suitable for upper elementary and adult  groups.

Meet Alexander Boyer: Life of a Voyaguer                                                                        

Alexander hails from Montreal and was an engage (canoeman) from a long line of voyaguers – the “truckers”of the fur trade in the Great Lakes Country. He’ll let you in on some of the secrets of his trade, teach you how to handle a 36-foot Montreal Canoe, and even let you in on a few trapping and trading techniques. Artifacts, furs, a bit of dress-up, and a chance to talk to someone who was there. He might be a little rough around the edges but “C’est la Vie”.

Suitable for upper elementary, middle school, and adult groups (no paddling!).

Meet John James Audubon: Seeing life through the eyes of THE original Birdman

John James Audubon, the Frenchman who became a naturalized citizen of the United States, made his mark on history by painting every known bird in North America. Audubon’s techniques and art are explored through the personal stories behind many of his work—such as the story of Nero the Sparrow Hawk and the Golden Eagle that nearly killed him.

Middle elementary through high school programs are presented in a mix of first and second person. Adult programs are PowerPoint with a lively narration.

You are There: A Citizen Soldier in the War of 1812                                                       

Michigan and the Detroit River Country was the site of some of the first fighting during the War of 1812. Although regulars formed part of the fighting troops, the militia made up of local farmers & tradesmen were the backbone of the army. Learn what life was like during this turbulent period, enlist, try on a uniform, and march to the beat of history.

Suitable for elementary through high school. Adult programs are show ‘n tell (no marching!).

Liar’s Club: Forgotten history through forgotten tools                                                   

It’s not good to lie, but sometimes it is worth telling a “MIS-TRUTH” for the sake of fun and learning. In this case we’ll examine some little known artifacts of a past age and spend our time guessing which artifact story is true. Participants will get in on the mis-truthing and all will discover some special things about everyday life of previous generations. Ever hear of a Mechanical Leech or a Hog Holder?

Adaptable for all levels from upper elementary to adults.