The Easter Muskrat is Real

I will not spend a whole lot of time on this subject. It deals with something that you either “get” or “don’t get.” No amount of explanation will sway you if you are not willing to be swayed. So, I will simply re-print an e-mail I recently sent to a friend on this subject. We’ll call this friend  Ralph (which is good because his name is Ralph). The rest I leave for self explanation.


I know this will be hard to believe, but I was visited by the Easter Muskrat this year. He left me a chocolate “Francois” ‘rat complete with his festive Easter sash and toque (see attached). I was, as you could well imagine, speechless (perhaps you couldn’t imagine me speechless, but please try).  I know you could imagine my sheer delight upon finding a note next to the confectionous creation. Executed in a crudely scribbled hand – likely the result of the writer only having only four functioning toes – the writing appeared to be the words to a poem or song. Unfortunately it was in French. Upon crude translation, it hit me that it was indeed a song meant to be sung to the tune of “Here Comes Peter Cottontail.”  My translation abilities are nil when compared to yours, but I believe this is the gist of what it says:

“Here comes Francois Musky-rat

Swimming cross the marshy flat.

Spishity splashity Easter’s on its way!”

Incredible, eh?  I thought you’d be impressed. Since there are still those out there who don’t believe, I thought I’d share this with you first before going public.




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